Fraser Island Adventure Tours is Queensland's multi-award winning tour company for Fraser Island

Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Region

Share with us a slice of paradise.

We take you into the best areas of this environmentally sensitive region and discover its precious eco-systems, abundant wildlife and natural beauty from this - ‘the Largest Sand Island in the World’. During the day you will touch on and appreciate nature’s magnificent paradox. Seemingly endless golden beaches encompass towering hardwood forests, barren heathland, pristine rainforests, huge creeping sandblow deserts, crystal clear freshwater lakes, gurgling blood red streams, prehistoric ferns, mosaic coloured sands.


Centuries of intriguing history; from the most recent environmental conservation battles of sandmining and logging to the numerous shipwrecking disasters; the most famous being the ‘Stirling Castle’ in 1836 and the tale of ‘Eliza Fraser.’ human habitation 20,000 years ago by the Batjala Aborigines and the legends of ‘K’gari - the beautiful spirit Princess K’gair or perhaps the shattered Rainbow - Coloured Sands Dreamtime story. the beginnings beyond the ice ages - originating on the tablelands of Northern New South Wales millions of years ago.


Let your guide unlock a few of the secrets.

FRASER ISLAND is in danger of being “loved to death”.

As an eco-tourism operator we play an important role in fostering an awareness in the need to preserve its natural beauty and fragile eco-systems. Regular stops are at picturesque beauty spots. Our commitment of “no compromise for quality” produces a memorable and enjoyable wilderness experience to one of nature’s most beautiful and intriguing treasures. Remember this is a 4WD safari and may not be suitable if pregnant or if you have a bad back.'  

Dress comfortably - it’s not a fashion parade!


Located in the southern hemisphere, Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Region is located just north of the Sunshine Coast, in the southeast of the Australian state of Queensland.

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