Dingo Mating Season

Photo taken by passenger  Johanna on 21 February 2014

Photo taken by passenger Johanna on 21 February 2014

From 1 March – 30 June 2014, visitors to Fraser Island need to exercise extra caution due to dingo mating season.

What does dingo mating season mean? The Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing explains below:

- Increased dingo activity therefore a higher chance of dingo-human interaction.

- A higher frequency of threatening dingo packs.

- Dominance testing behaviour – often misinterpreted as ‘playing’.

- Other unpredictable behaviour including boisterous and nervous actions.

- More howling at night.

- Last year’s pups being forced to find their own territory, possibly hiding from more dominant dingoes, and to find their own food.

Our tour guides put your safety as their highest priority, however you must be careful. Click here to read our dingo safety advice.

More information about dingo mating season can be found here.