Fraser Island – Coloured Sands

The stunning coloured sands that occur on Fraser Island can be found to the north of Eli Creek and comprise of 72 different colours, mostly  reds and yellows. The colours are caused by the leaching of oxides and the decay of vegetation that coats each grain of sand, causing bands of colour.

Underlying parts of the windblown sand masses of Fraser Island and Cooloola are coloured sands — the visible parts of older sand that have bound with clay into a weakly consolidated mass. The yellows, browns and reds (rusty colours) are colours created by iron-rich minerals in the dune sands which, over thousands of years, stain the sand a complex array of tones and hues. Spectacular sculptures emerge where wind and rain erode the sand mass, exposing this soft older core. These can be seen at Rainbow Gorge and Cathedrals, where the Pinnacles and Red Canyon are striking Fraser Island examples.

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