Fraser Island – Eli Creek

With so much to explore on Fraser Island, Eli Creek  is one such area with significant historical significance to the island.  Eli Creek is highly significant to the Aboriginal Butchulla people. In Aboriginal mythology, Eli Creek flows from Fraser Island across to the Hervey Bay mainland. This was a gathering place with middens clearly visible in the creek cutting. It was also the place where Aboriginal women brought their babies for “christening”.

Fraser Island Tour to Eli Creek

Today Eli Creek on Fraser Island is the largest freshwater creek on the eastern coast of the island and a much relied on source of fresh water especially for campers. It is also an area of exceptional and pristine beauty and becomes extremely popular on hot days where you are able to cool off and even swim in the lower reaches of the creek.  There are a number of wooden walkways and a short, circular route that have been built that run up one side of the creek and down the other…..great for exploration.

Join us on a Fraser Island Adventure tour and see this beautiful area of Fraser Island for  your self.