Fraser Island in The Late Seventies

Fraser 1979 1A passenger named Jillian Phillips recently went on our day tour to Fraser Island and said she enjoyed the trip down memory lane from her visit to the island in 1979.

Jillian reviewed our driver Casey, stating “Casey was an interesting and informative tour guide, highly organised chef and a wealth of information with regards to all things Fraser; very easy to listen too and delivered just the right amount of information, facts and figures along the way. A totally enjoyable day was shared by everyone.”

She was also kind enough to share these few photos from her trip to Fraser Island in 1979. They drove in a open 4×4 vehicle and had the canvas sides rolled up for the majority of the time. They had six people sitting in the back tray on bean bags! Oh, how times have changed!

Fraser 1979 4   Fraser 1979 3   Fraser 1979 2