Fraser Island Public Notices

Conditions are very dry on Fraser Island at the moment, and as a result The Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing have issued two public notices to combat the issue.

Firstly, there is a fire prohibition for Fraser Island, Cooloola Recreation Area and Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area. This is in effect from September 25th 2013 until further notice. Check out the full public notice for detailed information.

Secondly, there is a temporary closure of the Fraser Island Great Walk, Cooloola Great Walk and Cooloola Wilderness Trail. These closures are for your own safety due to high fire danger conditions. The closures are in effect from September 25th 2013 until further notice. Click here for full information.

Please respect these notices if you intend on travelling to Fraser Island as they aim to protect you, property and Fraser Island’s wildlife.

You can rest assured that our tour guides and staff will always be very knowledgeable of the current conditions on Fraser Island. The most stress free and enjoyable option is book one of our Fraser Island Day Tours!