Fraser Island – The Pinnacles

The coloured sand cliffs along Fraser Island‘s eastern beach is a key attraction for visitors to this beautiful sand island. They have formed over hundreds of thousands of years when minerals leached through the sand and on exposed high sand dunes. Up to 72 different colours, have been found present on Fraser Island with colours being mostly reds and yellows. The Pinnacles is a striking example on Fraser Island where these coloured sands can be viewed.

The Pinnacles The Butchulla People

The Pinnacles are significant to the local Aboriginal Butchulla People who believe it is a sacred women’s place with the Rainbow Serpent being responsible for the created sand formations.  Their story tells of Wuru who was promised to an older man Winyer but fell in love with Wiberigan (the rainbow).  The older man threatened revenge after witnessing Wuru visiting Wiberigan on a daily basis.  Seeing her alone one day he chased and threw his boomerang at her..calling for Wiberigan help he stood in front of her and the boomerang of Winyer shattered the rainbow which spilled colour into the sand cliffs of the area.  Wuru escaped unharmed leading to the women of the Butchulla tribe believing that the coloured sands gave them luck that day.

Come with us on a Fraser Island day tour and learn more about the Aboriginal history of this amazing sand island. Leaving from the Sunshine Coast, we will pick you up from your accommodation and then take you on a complete guide of this beautiful island….a must do activity where you will experience unique Fraser Island wildlife, natural beauty and tranquility.