Fraser Island Day Tours from the Sunshine Coast

Heading to the Sunshine Coast for your next holiday and looking for something different to do? Why not join us for a fantastic day trip to Fraser Island. We will pick you up from your Sunshine Coast accommodation and transport you in our specially designed 4WD touring vehicle to beautiful 40 Mile Beach after crossing the Noosa River. Once at Inskip Point we board the vehicle barge to cross the Great Sandy Stait to Fraser Island. This is just the start of an exciting day exploring the natural beauty of this area of Queensland.

 Fraser Island Points of Interest

What ever Fraser Island day tour you choose….your day tour will highlight the natural beauty of this world’s largest sand island as well as the fragility of its eco-systems. Experience walking through pristine rainforest, swim in perched lakes, see ancient flora and native fauna. Visit beautiful Lake McKenzie, Lake Birrabeen, Eli Creek and Central Station. You’ll appreciate the local knowledge of our guides and walk away having enjoyed an action packed day of discovery on this amazing natural sand island.

Ring us today and book your Fraser Island Day Tours where we will pick you up and return you to your Sunshine Coast accommodation…it will be a day to remember.

Fraser Island – Central Station

The historic heart of Fraser Island is Central Station on Wanggoolba Creek. Wanggoolba Creek was a Butchulla woman’s area and birthing place where men were  excluded. This large clearing was later the headquarters of Fraser Island’s forestry operations from 1920 until the late 1950s.  An old logging village was also located here from days when tree felling was permitted on Fraser.  Central Station, Fraser Island was once home to around 30 houses and a school was also built for the children of the loggers.  Today the picnic area reflects the island’s forestry past. The mature Kauri Pines, Bunya Pines, Satinays and Flooded Gums were planted 95 years ago to create a display botanical garden.

Wanggoolba Creek Central Station Fraser Island

Crystal-clear, freshwater Wanggoolba Creek, Central Station flows through the rainforest. The primitive and rare king fern Angiopteris evecta growing here is found nowhere else on the island. The crystal clear silently flowing freshwater creek is home to a number of species of fish, turtles and eels. It is a starting point for short or long walks and features a boardwalk along the silently-flowing, crystal-clear Wanggoolba Creek, fringed with rainforest…a great place on a hot day.

Come with us on a Fraser Island Day Tour and let us take you on a guided tour of this amazing sand island. Spend time at Central Station, swim Lake McKenzie and see for yourself the amazing wildlife and ecosystems on this beautiful island.

Fraser Island – Lake McKenzie

Lake McKenzie on beautiful Fraser Island has been referred to as ‘Eden’ like by many a visitor to this stunning part of Fraser. With clear blue waters ringed by pure white sand and fringing Blackbutt forest, Lake McKenzie is Fraser Island’s premier visitor site. This perched dune lake is one of the island’s most picturesque freshwater lakes. It is possibly the oldest lake as, unlike other lakes, it has a Second Beach with an unusual spit formation created by lake currents.

The local Butchulla people traditionally visited Fraser’s lakes especially Lake McKenzie to camp. They know Lake McKenzie as Boorangoora and hold it in high esteem. For your chance to experience this amazing freshwater lake with its crystal clear water and talcum like white sand…join us on a Fraser Island Day Tour. Leaving from the Sunshine Coast we will take you on a day to remember as we explore this amazing island with its unique eco-systems, stunning natural views and unique wildlife and flora…it will be a day to remember.

Fraser Island – The Pinnacles

The coloured sand cliffs along Fraser Island‘s eastern beach is a key attraction for visitors to this beautiful sand island. They have formed over hundreds of thousands of years when minerals leached through the sand and on exposed high sand dunes. Up to 72 different colours, have been found present on Fraser Island with colours being mostly reds and yellows. The Pinnacles is a striking example on Fraser Island where these coloured sands can be viewed.

The Pinnacles The Butchulla People

The Pinnacles are significant to the local Aboriginal Butchulla People who believe it is a sacred women’s place with the Rainbow Serpent being responsible for the created sand formations.  Their story tells of Wuru who was promised to an older man Winyer but fell in love with Wiberigan (the rainbow).  The older man threatened revenge after witnessing Wuru visiting Wiberigan on a daily basis.  Seeing her alone one day he chased and threw his boomerang at her..calling for Wiberigan help he stood in front of her and the boomerang of Winyer shattered the rainbow which spilled colour into the sand cliffs of the area.  Wuru escaped unharmed leading to the women of the Butchulla tribe believing that the coloured sands gave them luck that day.

Come with us on a Fraser Island day tour and learn more about the Aboriginal history of this amazing sand island. Leaving from the Sunshine Coast, we will pick you up from your accommodation and then take you on a complete guide of this beautiful island….a must do activity where you will experience unique Fraser Island wildlife, natural beauty and tranquility.



Fraser Island – Flora

Fraser Island, the world heritage listed largest sand island in the world is more than just sand.  With seven main vegetation types on the island and about 800 species of plant life. With the sand containing hardly any nutrients it is remarkable that any vegetation grows on the island at all. Here you will find plant species that grow only on Fraser Island and no where else. Drosera Lovellae which is a carnivorous Sundew is one such example. The west side of the island is home to mangrove forests with scrub to the north and south and the middle of the island home to beautiful rainforest.

The sand dunes are where you will find salt tolerant species of Fraser Island flora such as Spinifex, she-oaks and coastal pandanus. A bit further inland away from direct salt water species such as eucalyptus, scribbly gums, satinay, brush box and kauri pine can be found. In the valleys of this island that are protected by high dunes there is an abundance of fresh water and the lush rainforest grows. Here you will find rare species such as angiopteris fern. Beautiful Wanggoolba Creek is a must visit area of Fraser where you can see this ancient fern believed to be tens of millions of years old.

Fraser Island Day Tours

To see all this wonders and more, join us for a day tour to Fraser Island. Enjoy our informative tour guide as he shows you the wonders of this world heritage listed site. See these Fraser Island flora species for your self and explore stunning sites including Wanggoolba Creek and relax by Lake Mackenzie.

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Fraser Island – Aboriginal History

Paradise…..a place we can all imagine.  To the Aboriginals, Fraser Island was paradise.  The Aboriginal inhabitants of Fraser Island called the island K’gari which means paradise. Evidence and archaeological research has found that Aboriginals (the Butchulla tribe) had occupied the paradise of Fraser Island at least 5000 years ago. With an abundance of seafood of the island the numbers of Aboriginals would increase from around 500 to almost 3000 during the leaner winter period.

Captain James Cook was thought to first sight the island during his 1770 voyage and named Indian Head after sighting a number of Aborigines on the headland. Early European settlement was devastating to the Aborigines with the introduction of weapons and disease resulted in diminishing numbers on the island. It is believed that by 1890, there were only about 300 Aboriginals left on the island with most of the remaining Butchulla tribe has left by 1904 with many being relocated to European missions on the main land.

Day Tours to Fraser Island

With an estimated 500 indigenous archaeological sites located on Fraser Island….it has a rich cultural history. Join us for a Fraser Island Day Tour and discover more of this history.  With a large array of fauna and flora on the island, there is much to discover.  Join us and our highly informative tour guide for a fantastic day out exploring Fraser Island and its history.

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Fraser Island – Dingoes

Dingoes on Fraser Island is something that everyone has heard talk about. Whether you believe they have or have not dealt an unfair hand is always debatable one this is for sure is that Dingoes were once common on the island, but are now decreasing as they are seen by many to still remain a threat to humans. These animals are some of the last remaining pure dingoes in Eastern Australia; to prevent cross-breeding, dogs are not allowed on Fraser Island. There was no history of dingoes attacking humans on Fraser Island up until 1995. In April 2001, a boy wandered away from his family and was discovered dead, with indications of a dingo attack. Many dingoes were killed by authorities after the incident. A year or so before a baby was snatched from a campsite but the mother and father saved the baby by chasing off the dingo that had the baby in its jaws. In 2004, a dingo entered a hotel room on the island where a baby was lying on a bed. It was chased off before any incident occurred. The relationship between dingo attacks on humans on Fraser Island has been documented on National Geographic. Caution with dingoes when on Fraser Island is mandatory for all people on the island. Feeding or attracting the attention of dingoes remains illegal with fines for feeding dingoes or leaving food and rubbish out which may attract them now in place.  The remaining number of Fraser Island dingoes is estimated to be approximately between 100 and 200.

Fraser Island Day Tours

Book your day trip to Fraser Island with Tour Fraser and you may be lucky enough to encounter one of these remaining dingoes.  Our professional day tour to this amazing island will also show you other fauna living harmoniously on the island as well as visiting other exclusive areas of Fraser Island.  Visit favourites including Teewah Coloured Sands, Cooloola National Park, Sand Blows and favourites on a hot day…Lake McKenzie and Lake Birrabeen.  Experience the sheer beauty, precious eco-systems, unique wildlife and tranquility of one of the world’s great natural playgrounds when you book your Fraser Island Day Tour with Tour Fraser.

Fraser Island Day Tours – Rainforests

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world with an area of 184 000 hectares and 123 kilometres in length and 15 kilometres wide.  Visitors are surprised when visiting to find that it is a lot more than just sand.   Fraser Island rainforests are surprising as this is the only place in the world where tall rainforests and associated flora and fauna can be found growing on sand dunes at heights of over 200 metres.

The slopes and valleys of the middle of the island with its high dunes have the best protection from winds and receive the highest rainfall and have the deepest accessible soils. They are dominated by rainforests with huge brush box, with bark “stockings” on their lower trunks and smooth red limbs, and the tall, straight-trunked, stringy-barked satinay. Their long roots reach rich nutrients buried deep in the dunes.

Explore the rainforests on Fraser Island with Fraser Island Day Tours

In other areas around the island, lichen-covered trunks of giants such as kauri and hoop pine emerge above lilly-pilly, quandong, brush box, and strangler figs, draped in vines, orchids, ferns and mosses. Walk slowly to see colourful fungi sprouting on rotting trees, their fine threads slowly decomposing the wood. These rainforests are known as vine forests. Along their drier margins are low vine forests of small-leafed grey myrtle (“carrol” scrubs), seen on walks from Central Station.

Keep an eye out for the hollows in older trees are nesting sites for mammals and for birds including king parrots, yellow-tailed black cockatoos and sulphur-crested cockatoos, often heard screeching from treetops. The brushtail possum is active at night, as are sugar gliders and flying-foxes. The rainforests of Fraser Island are a sight to behold.

Fraser Island Day Tours

To make the most of your day out to Fraser Island, travel with us.  Our informative guide will ensure that your trip is informative and educational. Experience the sheer beauty of this amazing island with its precious eco-systems, unique wildlife and experience the tranquility of one of the world’s great natural playgrounds.

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Fraser Island Day Tours – Guest Reviews

No holiday to the Sunshine Coast is complete without a visit to stunning Fraser Island. The best way is to join a day tour with a reputable company such as Tour Fraser.  Their knowledgeable staff will share their Fraser Island insight with you and show you the best of this amazing island including the spectacular Great Sandy Region with its Sand Blows, the Teewah Coloured Sands and the beautiful Lake McKenzie and Lake Birrabeen.
Read what a recent guest had to say after a great day on Fraser with our tour.

Guest Reviews – Fraser Island

“I just wanted to provide some feedback on your Fraser island day trip. We had Tim take us out last Thursday and I have to say, having travelled the world and done many tours, and having toured and stayed on Fraser island previously, I have never enjoyed a tour as much. The tour itinerary itself was fantastic- covering a lot of ground and providing lots of rest time in between! But Tim was so knowledgeable, personable and enthusiastic that our tour took on a whole new level of enjoyment. I would recommend this tour to anyone. It suited different ages, levels of ability and interests. We could not have been happier.
Thank You!”
Ingrid Lamb

Ring us today to make your booking for a Fraser Island Day Trip and like Ingrid you can experience our personable tour guide and enjoy Fraser Island……one of the world’s great natural playgrounds.

Fraser Island – Coloured Sands

The stunning coloured sands that occur on Fraser Island can be found to the north of Eli Creek and comprise of 72 different colours, mostly  reds and yellows. The colours are caused by the leaching of oxides and the decay of vegetation that coats each grain of sand, causing bands of colour.

Underlying parts of the windblown sand masses of Fraser Island and Cooloola are coloured sands — the visible parts of older sand that have bound with clay into a weakly consolidated mass. The yellows, browns and reds (rusty colours) are colours created by iron-rich minerals in the dune sands which, over thousands of years, stain the sand a complex array of tones and hues. Spectacular sculptures emerge where wind and rain erode the sand mass, exposing this soft older core. These can be seen at Rainbow Gorge and Cathedrals, where the Pinnacles and Red Canyon are striking Fraser Island examples.

For your chance to visit this pristine sand island with its areas of naturally occurring coloured sands ring us today to make your booking with Fraser Island Day Tours.